Places Nearby

While this bungalow is situated at a spot that is prominently renowned for its level of accessibility, there’s no doubt that an array of shops, restaurants and public transportation facilities are right round the corner. Hence, here are a few useful locations of interest that are bound to make your stay here in Sri Lanka more convenient:

(i) Colombo,
(ii) Kandy,
(iii) Kitulgala,
(iv) Belihuloya,
(v) Badulla,
(vi) Bandarawela,
(vii) Kataragama

All buses take the Colombo – Katunayake Expressway as their sole route with the exception for buses to Kitulgala, Belihuloya, Badulla and Bandarawela, which also operate via normal routes.:

Tourist Attractions

The Kelani River

Known to be one of the longest rivers in the country, the Kelani River is a serene body of water, replete with lush flora and intricate fauna. Apart from a leisurely ride that shows you the very best that Mother Nature has to offer, white water rafting is also popular amongst those who dare!

Temples in Kelaniya

(i) The Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Dating back all the way to 500 BC, this ancient temple is one of the most prominent Buddhist sites for worship in the country, having known to usher the Lord Buddha, where he sat and preached to the peoples.

(ii) Megoda Kelaniya Temple Situated within Kelaniya city limits and very much in close proximity to the bungalow, this temple is now renowned to honour Lord Buddha as the temple where he had a bath.

(iii) Korathota Raja Maha Viharaya Located in the pristine village of Korathota, this ancient place of worship is popular for its inscriptions in its many caves, which were also a place of rest and abode for monks in the past.

Water World – Kelaniya

Sri Lanka’s most adored public aquarium yet! Featuring a plethora of resplendent marine life in its aquariums, Water World is a delightful means of spending your free time, and is a hit with both adults and children alike.

Leisure World – Kaluaggala

Known to be the country’s most exciting amusement park, you’ll be spoilt for choice on how you wish to indulge for that ultimate rush of adrenaline nowhere else but right here at Leisure World!

Colombo – the metropolis of Sri Lanka

While Colombo can be reached via road or rail in not more than 20 minutes from here, journeying around this hub that teems with the finest of recreational requisites that are in store for today’s traveller is an experience well worth every penny, rest assured. From restaurants and pubs by the beach that serve a plethora of delicacies both local and continental to the city’s many buildings that bear colonial architecture from times back then, there’s so much more to Colombo than meets the eye, but of course.